ICU Paintball will require Masks for all people entering the facility in accordance with the Governor’s recent 11/16/2020 Proclamation. We will not require wearing of masks while actually playing paintball! If you have questions, concerns or changes, please feel free to call or email me at any time.

Paintball Birthday Parties!

No better way to celebrate another year than to spend the day shooting at your friends! Our paintball birthday parties are a huge hit for kids of all ages… even the 60-year-old ones!

Whether you want to have a small paintball birthday party with a few friends, or make it a huge celebration with 50 buddies shooting paintballs, we can take care of it!

Birthday Parties like no other.

If you are the one in charge of coming up with a special birthday event for someone, imagine their excitement and surprise when they arrive to play paintball at our indoor facility!

We really know how to throw a great paintball birthday party!

Food? No Problem!

Feel free to bring cake or cupcakes. We can also help if you need pizza or drinks!

Paintball Cupcakes

We do Private Paintball Birthday Parties as well!

We can open up on non-operating hours for private weekday events, or before or after our normal hours on the weekends.

If you are trying to put together a very special day, and the weekends are too hectic, just let us know and we can schedule you during off-hours for your special day.


My wife totally surprised me! This was such a great event. The staff was amazing and we had so much fun!
We wanted to o a little something different for my Girls Night Birthday Party - Greatness!
At first I was worried how my son would do, just turning 10, but their low impact guns made it perfect.