Why ICU Indoor Paintball?

We all know how the Iowa weather can be.  Brutal cold, hot, wind, wet… you never know. So if you want to hold a birthday paintball party and know that the weather will not stop your event, book a party at ICU Indoor Paintball in Des Moines!

With at least 6 players you can choose to play with just your own friends.

We also carry a full stock of Airsoft and Paintball Gear!

Paintball group in lobby

Paintball Parties are Perfect for all occasions.


Beginner Paintball Player? Pro Paintball Player? We'll take care of you!

Maybe you’ve never played paintball before. Maybe you’re a seasoned pro! Or anywhere in between.

ICU Paintball is your place to be. We have games from tournament style play to low impact 50 caliber paintball games that are perfect for kids as young as 8 years old.

This means it doesn’t matter if you want to host a kid’s birthday party, a company team building event, or bring out your church or youth group – we will deliver the ultimate party.

Use our easy online booking and get started today!

We want to share our passion

Come on in to our indoor paintball field, and we will greet you and walk you through all the steps necessary to play safely. From our counter help to our referees, you will be treated like family.
We love the sport of paintball and just want to share it with you. Paintball is an adrenaline rush that cannot be duplicated with a video game.
It’s time to put down the controller consoles and pick up a paintball marker! See what it is really like to shoot, dodge, run and play in a real world instead of a virtual world.
We hope you will stop by and visit, and learn how exciting playing paintball can be.
check in to paintball
ICU Paintball building